Editing Research Proposals

Your research proposal and/or grant application needs to stand out among several other applications to enhance its chances of being approved or funded.

Your novel research proposal should:

Be comprehensive, strong, and communicated in a coherent, concise, and focused manner.

Outline specific details such as the objectives, goals, and focus.

Detail the methods upon which the objectives will be realized.

Our expert editors will focus on the above points as they edit or proofread your research proposals/grant applications.

They will:

Ensure that your research proposal has clear objectives, justification and methodology

Help in preparing a robust proposal/grant application that has the highest chances of approval

Edit your research proposal for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, check for correct choices of words and phrases

Organize text structure to improve coherency and remove superfluous words and repetitions

Ensure that your proposal complies with the guidelines and formats of the funding agency as far as possible

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