Pre-submission peer-review

Enhance the quality of your manuscript, and increase your chances of success by having your paper peer-reviewed by our experts before submission to your target journal.

Pre-submission peer-review ensures that your research is critically appraised by other researchers in your field before you embark on the submission process.

Receive constructive comments on your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses from experienced peer-reviewers.

Obtain suggestions and recommendations for improvement that will provide you with the opportunity to revise your manuscript before your first submission, or before a re-submission following rejection.

Eliminate many common reasons for rejection, speeding up the time to, and increasing your chances of receiving a positive decision from the first journal you submit your paper to.

As journals start to welcome external pre-submission peer-review comments, you can ease the burden on the editorial office of your target journal if you choose to send the peer-reviewer’s comments as part of your submission.

Let the Research Medics experts screen your research manuscript for:

A clearly defined and answered research question

The correct study design and appropriate statistical test(s)

An appropriate sample size

An adequate description of study participants (inclusion/exclusion criteria)

An adequate description of methods

The inclusion of appropriate research ethics information

The correct interpretation of results

Consistency/accuracy of presented data

A comprehensive literature review

Conclusions that are supported and justified by data

Up to date and relevant references

Compliance with appropriate reporting guidelines (CONSORT, STARD, PRIMSA, STOBE etc.)

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