5 Common Misconceptions About the P-Value

As we saw in our last post on the Top Ten Reasons Papers Get Rejected, errors in statistical analysis are among the most common grounds for rejection. Errors in the interpretation of the p-value, in particular, Read more

Top Ten Reasons Papers Get Rejected

When a manuscript is submitted to a journal, it enters an intensive revision process. It has to pass through several checkpoints on the road to publication, and rejection lurks around every corner. If you are in the business of publishing scientific papers, chances are you’ve had at least one of your papers rejected by a journal.

Upon submission, Read more

Beyond the Impact Factor – The Rising Popularity of Altmetrics

The journal impact factor (IF) is the most ubiquitous metric used to evaluate research nowadays. It is a measure of the average number of citations a paper published in a given journal has received over a two-year period. It is calculated by Thomson Reuters, and is published yearly in the Journal Citation Reports.

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Six aspects to consider when choosing a bibliographic reference manager.

Fiddling with citations and organizing an ever-growing number of files can be a source of great distress for researchers. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Reference management software, or reference managers (RMs), are intended to facilitate these tasks.

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